Day 97: Please Remember Lara

Lara and I spoke today from Kerala, India (where she is) and she extends her love to the blog community. Kerala, for those who do not know, was the first socialist state in the world. It also has India's highest percentage of practicing Christians. At least I am pretty sure about these facts. Don't you feel informed now?

For one more week you will be without her as she looks at bugs on people's skin in a rural village somewhere. Until that time, please remember her with this picture, in which we are skydiving last year in South Africa. The plane was really small, and we didn't know who the guy was, so naturally we thought that was the funniest thing to ever happen in life and took a picture. Good Times. Friends. Memories. Cheers people.

1 comment:

Lana said...

claire put my "claire" picture up! that way we can "remember claire" too!!! thinking of claire '06, woo! haha :)

i love you girls, miss you so much....

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