Day 96: Turkey and More Weddings

So today Turkey is really really hot. But that does not stop all the weddings. Indeed, no less than seven honking parades of cars have passed our fine lakeside hotel making all kinds of rackets with clinking cans dragging along and the like. They all seem to be blatantly ignoring the large red DUR sign. As if parties are allowed to ignore DUR.* On to Istanbul tomorrow...where we must DUR the use of our fine rental car.

Today, there is a circa 2001 picture treat of Claire's sister, a social worker in Florida who just won Employee of the Month. Let's all be thinking seriously about her right now. Think. And that's the loving mom person.

* DUR means Stop! Stop! Stop!

1 comment:

bbop said...

Congrats to Court, again, for winning employee of the month and I hope she gets a free close-in parking space for the month. I'm still bummed we didn't get to go on that boat ride and see the alligators in this Everglades picuture.

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