Day 95: Still Almost Sports Fans and Barry Bonds blah blah

I have some things to say about Turkey, today, but they mostly relate to going on a yellow paddle boat in the middle of a deep freshwater lake when it began to rain in 100 degree weather. To spare you from the details of this harrowing near tsunami (spelling?), I will mention some of the Game of Shadows news, which will provoke my father to write me an email saying something along the lines of: "Isn't this blog supposed to be about your life as a travel writer? Don't pretend you know anything about Barry."

P.S. re Barry Bonds and BALCO. By these kinds of posts - you would practically think we are sports fans! Alas - still not.

We are happy to report that people are coming around to the truths in Game of Shadows, due to recent events. (Bonds going to be indicted?) The articles in the NYTIMES, are here.

For the original source, check out the SF Chronicle (i.e. look who's daddy is at it again). We only hope this aids in the Free Lance project and keeps Claire's father from being jailed by the government for doing his job.

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