Day 98: Bahrain, Bahrain, How Do You Spell Yourself?

After a detour through Bahrain (the Kingdom of) instead of Dubai, for
reasons that were never explained, I (Claire) arrived to find Lara
asleep at her guest house at Mumbai University. The only part about
arriving that was sad was that I was no longer on Gulf Air - which may
indeed now officially be my favorite airline. The food was gourmet,
and their whole exciting campaign to hire young international people
to live in Bahrain (the Kingdom of) and serve as Sky Attendents, Sky
Chefs, and Sky Nannies all seemed very ingenious. My first priority is
trying to write for them, though, so I will let you know if they
respond to my query letters for exciting articles on spectacular
Middle Eastern locales they fly to.

So far, we have managed to buy lots and lots of things at Lara's mom's
store, Anokhi,* which has a ton of branches throughout India. We have
also gone to pharmacies and bought insanely cheap prescription
medicine. You don't have to tell our president, though, because he may
see this as equivalent to the blimey that is is getting cheap drugs
from Canada. What does blimey mean, anyway?

Lara's hair, for those who are interested, is slightly longer than
last time and is showing the curl that it is. No more a shaved head,
my friends.

*Nai and Dani - I got you hecka cute stuff and will send via my
personal airline lost luggage = free shipping scam later next month.

1 comment:

bbop said...

Yes, the lost luggage airline scam really works but it generates alot of calls to the destination party. An Indian bedspread that Claire bought in India last year arrived in a box that looked like it had survived Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

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