Day 99: Censorship on Indian Public Computers

Lara found some article about this that she is going to put up,
because the problem is that we cannot access our blog from any public
computers. Apparently India is censoring public access to blogs. All
our creative tactics have failed. For this reason, we are posting by
sending through our email - and so we hope it doesn't look too ugly.
One of these days we'll find WiFi and use our own compus from Mumbai.

A reader wrote us an email to saying that if you
google Lara and Claire the first hit is TrippingOnWords. We felt
highly special about that. Thanks ANON!


SavvySunshine said...

Congrats on the google hit. I checked it, it's true! This, of course, officially means that y'all rock.

How was the reunion? Details, details!


Jonathan said...

good news

Mari said...

the second hit on a "lara and claire" google search is angelina jolie. weird, huh?

Amalia said...

...and look at the third. :(

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