Day 111: Lara Does Audiobooks

Lara is a vocal reader. When she reads, she laughs hard. She makes knowing mmm hhhs. She lets you know she is reading. When the book is a normal one with passable English grammar, this kind of trait can be a great, entertaining, influx of positive energy in an otherwise normal day. When the book is bad, though, sh*t hits the fan.

Currently, she sits 6 inches from me, moaning in horror, burying her head in the pillow, gritting her teeth - we can really just say "kicking and screaming" - as she finishes the last 10 pages of the famously plagiarized 18 year old Harvard phenom's How Opal Meht (sic) Got Kiss (sic) Got Wild and Got a Life. I told her it was better than expected. I guess we had different expectations.

Her summary: "There's no excuse. We weren't 18 that long ago."

I have to go, though, because she keeps turning over with the thermometer in her mouth wanting to discuss finer points of the text. She's a chatty one when she's sick, that Lara.

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Lana said...

that's adorable. lara you should post about how claire sings all the time.

you know, lara's also an audio-sleeper. she moans in her sleep. not in a creepy or weird way*, just, you know, in a soft and kinda cute moany way. lara rocks my audio world!


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