Day 112: Electrical Outlets

Can be tricky bastards. Nine different individuals at our latest Goa, India resort (we moved to a new one today) came in to try to fix the outlets, which weren't accepting things like plugs - male or female. By far the best attempt to fix the things we saw was when one man showed up on the door of our poolside cottage (the place is nice here) with a bottle of air freshener, "You wanted freshener, ma'am?"

Lara definitely looked at him meanly and then turned to me and said: "No. E-lec-tri-cian." Even though I (like Lara) knew that we had indeed called about an electrician, and not a bottle of air freshener, I didn't want to provoke Lara, and so I said to her: "You're right."

Maybe it didn't make complete sense, but that is what you do sometimes when you are married. And Lara and I are. It seemed to calm things down and she went back to coughing TB style.

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