Day 112: Shoe's on the Other Foot Now!

I'm not quite sure what that means, but it feels appropriate, as Claire and my roles have reversed recently.

I am currently doing things like fact checking and email writing for Claire as she makes lots of grunting noises over the Indian newspaper. Occasionally, I get a tidbit thrown my way:

"They can list applicant gender things for stuff."

"The President has not seen a movie in 50 years because he reads too much scientific literature."

(This is not about our illustrious, hard-partying Prezzie. In case some of you were confused...)

"We need a caremeter...Care Bears Care!"

And so it continues.

As do the ridiculous interactions with the staff. I got in a 4 minute (by the clock) argument about whether we had complained about the way they turned down our bed. I maintained we had not, and that I did indeed love the kite pattern they had arranged our towels in on said bed. After we had finally cleared it up, the little man came back to apologize (again!) and explain he had got the wrong room number. Big shocker there.

We are unfortunately having internet problems, so you are all missing out on a wonderful picture of tobacco toothpaste--you heard me--which I think everyone around us needs.

Creamy Snuff for all!!!!

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