Day 112: How Many Days It Has Been

Lara just found a Biore Self-Heating Face Mask I gave her 111 days ago. So she put it on, because she thought that the outfit she had going, (a mismatched bikini because she recently lost 1 of her 2 bikini bottoms, complete with a weird looking head scarf she appears to love that tries pityingly to cover the fro)*, was not hot enough. Then she started talking animatedly.

Lara: You know what makes it really, really seem that we have been travelling for 112 days?

Claire: What?

Lara: The fact that at the beginning of this trip my little friend figured out where she was going to college, and now she's actually going to college!

Aside from the fact that I have not the slightest clue who this "little friend" is, (and I do feel slightly worried for them) it seems that there is some greater measure of the fact that we have been on the road 112 days. Maybe we'll write about that tomorrow.

*And I like head scarfs, people.

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