Day 113: BALCO Court Day! Be Informed and FreeLance!

It's court day at 11:00 am in San Francisco! So please send lots of informed positive energy to Claire's dad, Lance Williams, and his partner, Mark Fainaru-Wada, as they deal with the August 4th court proceedings in response to the US government's problematic forgetting of the first amendment. You can learn about the way that the government sucks, and why they want to put Lance and Mark in jail for doing their job in some of our past posts on the topic. Or you can read their bestselling book, Game of Shadows, and learn all about steroids, baseball, and the all American doper Barry Bonds et al.

We want you to be informed on this issue, because, if my father has to go to jail for this ridiculousness everyone should know.

Here is an excellent news source for podcasts, articles, and a whole bunch of legal documents like affidavits and subpoenas about the case. What fun!

As always, refer to the SF Chronicle's ongoing articles about BALCO investigation here.

Read Lance Williams’ actual affidavit, which Lara describes as: “kind of like a fourth grade report on why Lance is awesome.”

Finally, go here to buy a FreeLance T-shirt.

*Our on the ground report of events in the SF Bay Area (Lara and I are 12.5 hours ahead here in India), tells us that Lance and Barb are trying to destress the night before by seeing their favorite Hawaiian slack key guitarist, Keola Beamer, perform at Berkeley's strange excuse for a concert hall, The Freight and Salvage.


SavvySunshine said...


Thanks for the comment on my post, I was cracking up (because that's what I do randomly...)

Anyway, here's where I got the blog template. Click on templates to the right on the page and pick from the blogger templates. There's about 40 to pick from. I flipped between no 24 and no 2. They're pretty sim, but I went with 24. You might have to change the size of some of your pics and such to go with the three column format. (Listen to me, I sound like I know what I'm talking about. Woot!)

I'll work on a post about 'T'. It'll be something totally cheeky, though.


Nuck said...

fingers crossed for the triumph of transparency and the first amendment.

In lighter topics,


SavvySunshine said...

I realize that I just completely dissed Lara by not saying hello to her as well! My sincerest apologies. I just assumed it was Claire, since I *think* I have been talking to her. Oy! Anyway, hello to you, too, Lara!


Claire and Lara said...

Savvy: Where did you get your wonderful picture of multiple penguins (found on your myspace):

Can we use it?? We love it and are collecting penguin paraphanelia (spelling?)

Claire and Lara said...

Does that mean you and T have been together 9 years?

SavvySunshine said...

You girls are really hysterical! T will be very happy to know that other people share in this freakish love for penguins... Here's the link for the picture.

*Scratching my head trying to figure out where you got 9 years from.* Sometimes it seems like that long, so you may not be far off the mark...but, really, we've been together for 5+ years.

Toodles, Sunshine

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