Day 118: Mongolica

Today Lara and I were in Top Form. Top Form, for these travel writers, usually means when we have procrastinated to such indecent extents that we have to somehow get ourselves the distance from, say, San Francisco to Cincinnati (comparable in kilometers to the real dilemna: Goa, India to Kathmandu, Nepal) tomorrow. We had no transportation plans, naturally, aside from a vague interest in overlanding it. But it turns out the train will take roughly 60 hours, which does not work as we are expected at a hotel in Kathmandu tomorrow night to do a hotel feature.

At the same time, today we were navigating about 8 other itinerary plans that include such illogical, and yet real-life, itineraries as:

"Singapore to Paris to Singapore to Ulan Bator"

"Nairobi to Cancun to San Francisco to Nairobi to Mauritius"

"Cancun to San Francisco to Seattle to Guanajuato"

If these things sound like they criss-cross each other, and indicate a lack of forward-thinking on the part of yours truly(s), it's because we often don't know where we need to be (for life, generally) and so find ourselves in the wrong place and need to get to the right one. Additionally, we have a pattern of planning major logistical efforts on this trip in approximately 1/10 of the time we spend talking about, say, if Will and Grace is only on once a week in Goa (Tuesdays at 10:00 pm; as opposed to the ill-fated Caroline in the City, which appears to be run continuously) due to issues of censoring content or merely malicious programming scheduling.

The title of this post speaks to the fact that today I learned that Mongolian Airlines gives every passenger one free magazine, appropriately entitled: Mongolica!


Another twentysomething said...

For an organizer extreme and finnicky planner like myself, this post makes me cringe! But I applaud you for your ease because it means you have learned how not to worry to extremes as some of us Type-A's seem to. Keep living la vita bella.

Lana said...

dude do you girls want to go to the vegas this year? because i do. maybe that'd be a good stop between paris and kathmandu. just sayin!

Chris Chew said...


I am from Singapore. Hope to welcome you to my country :)

Contact me if you need more info about Singapore.

sarah mac said...

after a few weeks in new delhi, planning my evening around the simpsons became a matter of principle. i even started to like the 'king of queens' if that's possible.

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