Day 119: Deluxe Mud Huts

In perhaps due to our poor plannning of the Goa, India to Kathmandu, Nepal leg of this trip, we ended up spending another night in an airport. This was a 15 hour lay over in Delhi. The only reason this is interesting is because, as we settled down for the night (Claire putting on face lotion, Lara graciously taking the crappier of the two airport sleeping chair arrangement forts we had created), we realized that we really don't care about sleeping in fluorescent-airports anymore.

This is just one small, small example, of our ongoing shrinking life phenomenon Lara has identified. The shrinking life phenomenon means that, in week 18, we accept that we own a backpack's worth of things, generally eat not delicious meals, are the laughing stocks of most everywhere we go, live in pepetual awkward city, and look like wrecks when having professional meetings with hotel managers.

This is the kind of lesson about life you are supposed to learn when you travel the world, or do the Peace Corpse and live in some crap mud hut, and so we are proud to be learning it. Learning it while still staying in nice hotels for free, of course.


Heidi on Vashon said...

Mud huts sound exotically fun. Did you mean to write Peace Corpse? A corpse does sound peaceful!

Sister of Mercy said...

Why not sleep in a mud hut? It would be like camping out. If you don't want to sleep in somebody's mud hut, why not ask permission to put up a tent in their backyard? You don't rough it up by sleeping in a five-star hotel.

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