Day 120: Kathmandu Consumerism

Yesterday we found a DEPARTMENTAL STORE! in Kathmandu. In a DEPARTMENTAL STORE! you can buy everything, including:

Spray on deodorant (roll on not available, and thus we bought this, kind of like room freshener due to its wide berth of spraying capabilities)
2 New Toothbrushes (the maintenance man in Goa opened a bathroom light full of dead moths on our toothbrushes)*
Cashews (Lara, who was raised not eating meat and eggs and things, is on a constant search on this trip for protein)
Face Lotion (this due to Claire's life obsession with the toiletry aisle)
A jumping rope (thanks to a reader suggestion after the running in our hotel room debacle)
Goggles (see above for lack of abilities to run places - we have lots of pools where we stay, and few non-awkward city streets to run on)
Fake Birkenstocks (we think they are fake, because the cork bottom looks suspiciously not flush with the sole)

*Moths are Claire's least favorite animal.


bbop said...

Glad you guys made it to Nepal--did Claire's face lotions make it there as well or is Mongolian Airlines' policy on liquids more lenient than the U.K's?

Claire and Lara said...

No worries, friends...all of Claire's myriad toiletries made it A-OK. We are happily, yet suspiciously, untouched by any stringent airline security. For example, Lara checked in for both, earning two boarding passes with one passport since she waved her hand at the other end of hte airport saying "my friend is, you know, over there..." Airport employee: "OK, my friend! Good luck travels!"

Lana said...

I DONT LIKE MOTHS EITHER! i dont hate them as much as i hate birds, but they're reaaallly high up there.

Claire and Lara said...

moths have self destructive personalities.

swimming is hard. jump roping is harder.

sarahjgorman said...

I love your blog! good luck with the big hike thing!

132131 said...

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Sue said...

I hate moths too!! I'm really happy to find that I'm not alone in this.

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