Day 139: Geography

This is a geography metaphor about our last 36 hours. Please substitute words like "Bangkok" and "Phuket" and "Cambodia" for things "San Francisco," "Honduras," and "Salt Lake City." Finally, if you feel that any of it does not make actual sense in relation to the location of things in the world, we apologize deeply.

So let's say you fly into San Francisco. You do not know English, nor can you recognize the alphabet that these so called English speakers use, but lots of people try to speak English, so you know you will be fine. Because things are usually always fine, as long as you bring face wash and a book.

Upon arriving in the San Francisco airport, you realize that you actually have to get to a small island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, in Utah, but you have no transportation plans. So you go to the SF tourism booth in the airport, and they look at you funny, but tell you there is a bus station in Sacramento where you can get a bus to Salt Lake City. From Salt Lake City, you can then get a ferry and other buses to get to the island paradise in the middle of the Great Salt Lake to which you are destined.

Before leaving the SF info booth in the airport, you ask them where the Honduran embassy is, because it turns out you have to get your visa that day, and only that day. Armed with information, you hire a taxi to take you to Berkeley, where the Honduran visa people are looking for business. On the way back to the San Francisco, where you have left your bags (one labeled FRAGILE), you go to Pizza Hut.

At the SF airport, you get your bags and take the same taxi to Sacramento, where you barely make a bus (1 minute to spare) to Salt Lake City. The next day, you wake up in Salt Lake City and get on various other bus/ferry things in order to reach your final destination: a honeymooners paradise ecotourism lodge on a tiny island.

As you sit and revel in the beauty of your own, separate bungalows and the joy of extremely organic juices, you think: Good thing we don't have to do that again anytime soon! But, then, you wake up from your delusional day dream, and you realize that in four days you have to take the bus/ferry/bus back to Sacramento, then go back to Berkeley to get your Honduran visa, and then take a bus to Honduras.



Writer Girl said...

how complicated! never a dull moment, is there? enjoy your four days rest! (if you will be resting and not working, that is).

enoch9 said...

Sounds cool,despite the hectic pace. Wish i were there.

R2K said...

: )

Eric said...

Cool blog.

Question: where does the money come from for all this traveling? I'm broke just filling up the gas tank. :(

Seismic_Pirate said...

Now that I know how you afford to travel, and knowing what its like to travel internationally all the time, I think you two are absolutely shit-house nuts! More power to ya, though. Great Blog-have fun in good old Honduras...

ps. If you ever get the chance, go see the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. Great stop if your ever in the neighborhood. Good food at the outdoor resteraunt across the lake,too!

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