Day 140: Beaches are pretty

So it was another day in heaven. We are in too nice a place to pretend otherwise. Lots of sun, beach, good Thai food, and nice people smiling at us. Granted, they were probably all smiling because Claire was simultaneously reading and doing an ab workout in the pool with her sunglasses on, and Lara still looks homeless in her mismatched bikini and multiple headscarf-covered fro, but nonetheless, they had nice smiles.

At some point in the afternoon, I decided to go running. It was sunset, and it was, again, perfect. I was running along thinking of how wonderful life in general was and kind of jamming out to my iPod. Unfortunately, my iPod is a bit of a music snob, and it rejected my jam of Britney's cover of the timeless classic "I Love Rock and Roll" (this is not the first time my battery has inexplicably died in the middle of some lower quality tunes). So I was left to my thoughts.

And what thoughts they were.

I pondered how pretty the ocean was, the sunlight streaming, the birds swooping. I realized that this was the type of scenes that make people paint things or write pretty songs about love and other types of shmaltz. Hell, I thought...I'm a writer...

Obviously, the fruits of my running-endorphin-induced poetical moment should be recorded.

"It's so sparkly. The water's, like, green AND blue...but the white part is really really dazzle-y. Wow. Pretty. Sunset's are...pretty. It's all just so pretty. Like really really pretty. Sparkles everywhere."

Needless to say, Claire is the one planning to make a real career out of this whole writing thing...


Writer Girl said...

It does sound like heaven. I love the ocean. I know that poetic feeling you get, but I'm no good at expressing it. It just makes me thankful to be alive.

Julie said...

Hi ladies,

Excuse me if you've already written about this, but I'm having a hard time finding it anywhere.

When you say you are "working", what exactly is it that you are working on? A novel? A tourist guide? I'm curious!


sarah mac said...

there is absolutely nothing wrong with first impulse observations...while some may abhorr words like 'pretty' and 'sparkles', others have absolutely built careers on such simplicity. (mariah carey comes to mind). just please don't trade the head wraps for terry cloth onesies. only then will we have reason to worry.

SavvySunshine said...

Sounds absolutely amazing. Lara, I think your writing's fabulous. Perhaps it won't make millions like Claire's will, but, hey!


Rodrigo Blogger said...

Hi, nice blog... and I love the ocean too, there´s nothing like it on earth, I wish I could just spend all my days near it.
Once again nice blog.


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