For Our Email Subscribers, or, Why We Are Idiots

If you subscribe to either of our email feeds, then you already were witness to this charm earlier today a la Lara and Claire.

Email 1

Subject: Please Resubscribe to the TrippingOnWords email feed!

Hello Faithful TrippingOnWords Readers:

It has come to our attention that a computer glitch (read: Claire and Lara are idiots) has you all subscribed to our blog, HateToHelp, and *not* TrippingOnWords, as you had requested.

To get the actual subscription feed to TrippingOnWords in your email, go to BLAH BLAH BLAH LINK/IMAGE/HTML THAT LARA AND CLAIRE CAME UP WITH THAT DOES NOT WORK FOR ANYTHING!

Or go to the homepage of, and re-signup!

Thank you for dealing with us, and reading our blog, and just generally being you.

Claire and Lara


Email 2

Subject: No, Really...Claire and Lara

...are *raging* idiots.

We hear this link works to re-signup for the TrippingOnWords email feed.

Don't hate us,

Claire and Lara

*Don't you wish you were on our email feed? Lara says that anyone who was in Claire's freshmen dorm seven years ago will remember how Gustavo the computer guy had to set up a second dorm email list that Claire could not have access to because so many people had deactivated because Claire emailed it too much with non-essential items of non-interest. Lara says she remembers when Gustavo took Claire in the hallway to give her the heart to heart with said disappointing news, and it looked like Claire might cry. But Lara (naturally) was laughing.

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