Day 145: Who is this Lara and Why is she Buying Me All these Presents?

We've been having phone difficulties for several weeks, given the Everest Base Camp climb, and the awesome resort last week that just got phone access in 2001 and is apparently still struggling, and so yesterday was a News From Home Day, in which Lara and Claire exhaust themselves mentally catching up with the important people who are all so kind as to have calling cards ready and waiting for when we do roll into places with working digits.

One thing of note we (Claire) learned from home while we (Claire) were trying unsuccessfully to fiddle with a complex switch that was supposed to turn on the water in our hotel room, was the following:

Lara's best friend since always, Kelly, who works in fashion in Boston and came up with the name for this blog which we thank her eternally for, has been hanging out with Lara's niece (1) and nephew (4). I think I'm right on these ages, but don't go publishing this on the web or anything. You would think it was a good thing that Kelly was being nice to children, because generally that pastime is a good thing, but Something Bad has been happening. Specifically, the nephew has been referring to "Kelly" by the clever little name "Lara," leading the general public to assume that the nephew (and presumably the niece by association) have forgotten exactly what Lara looks like in the 5+ months she has been gone, and think that she might, indeed, BE Kelly.

This news, of course, led Lara to begin cursing out said Kelly on the phone to the newsbearer (I think it was her father). Maybe this wouldn't be quite so sad if Lara did not spend every waking minute (when something else extremely important isn't happening) talking about these mini people. Or if it were not going to be another two years before Lara's carefully (cough) coiffed (cough) Audrey Hepburn 'do gets to the length of Kelly's blond locks, at which point the nephew will be 6 (or something like that).

To the small ones: You can re-meet Lara at Christmas (and the nephew's birthday on Dec. 27th)* though, and I can personally guarantee that she is carrying nice, appropriately wee-sized presents that were extremely expensive and that you will scream about.**

*Do you like how I carefully slipped in the fact that I know the nephew's birthday in order to make up for the fact that I am unclear on the nephew's age? This being a concern of course because Lara pretty much talks of nothing else.

**Do you like how I carefully forced Lara to get some really great presents? Is this an evil post?

ps--Lara needs to add in some defensive evidence here. Look at these: how could you not be obsessed?


Another twentysomething said...

Perhaps in other parts of Asia you can buy presents so futuristic as compared to North America. (or as compared to this most recent place that has just discovered phones) Like I'm sure in some place like Tokyo you could easily find a robot who wipes your nose, or maybe a wristwatch with Star Wars-like telegrams that tell you the time. Right? Haha, oh futuristic Asia.

Bobo Bean said...

Lara, I love you. I love you so much.

Gabrielle said...

John's post was NOT prompted.

And he has not forgotten what you look like (hell, even I have a hard time not mixing you and Kelly up sometimes). He had a haircut the other day and running his hands through his hair, he said gleefully "Now it is like Auntie Ah's".

Regarding the wee presents: frankly, you've set a standard Lara. Although we have just had to shell out ourselves for new Vans (narrowly avoiding licenced character lightup shoes) (check out our new cyberspace: soon for details), John pretty much assumes a present. I mean, you have been gone for SO long!, his Pumas no longer fit (am saving them for your firstborn), and there is only so much wear he can get out of that kilt. I think he would say that he is due.

Come home soon.

kelly said...

feel it appropriate to take this moment to post my first comment as it is my first appearance in this glorious blog which i should have copyright licensing to since i named the thing....

lara, my love, the tikes have not forgotten you one bit. i smothered bobo for you and we made beautiful artwork to send to you and we talked about you incessantly. we drew a portrait of you. he wanted you to have a bubble caption coming from your head in which you say (in John's prophetic voice) "where is claire? .... right next to me!"

Gracie, on the other hand, who looks just like you, is holding back from making full sentences until she can say "oh auntie ahh, i have missed you so. i am so glad you have come back to me." and then she might add "my hair is longer than your."

so dont worry, they love you and miss you so much. almost as much as i do.

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