Day 146: Busy Busy Girls

We have been in Phuket, Thailand for two days now. We have spent about 40 of these 48 hours in a friendly Mexican food cafe where they have passable enchiladas and passable internet. They also have nice staff who help Claire when the internet goes down though they don't speak English and don't really get what we're doing here all day.

We are working...

At least one of our jobs continues to suck, but at least it guarantees that we're in touch with the internet. So we get to procrastinate and fill our time with emails to high school senior/podcasting geniuses who want to ask our advice on anything from South East Asia (we've been here 7 days) to travel writing (we think we count this as our career...not quite sure yet) to hair dye. Alternatively, we found that our Frugal Traveler-(aka Matt Gross)stalking put us in touch with one of his friend's blogs, who happens to live in Bangkok so we emailed him and will be meeting him for a drink tomorrow. Very successful and absurd stalking all around.

Then we planned how to get to Bangkok, trying to come up with ways to avoid the Vegas porn bus home. We found flights, tried to book them, but found out we would have to pick up the tickets at 7-11. Yes, 7-11...the same store we have in the States. Obviously, we decided they couldn't really think this was important, so will just go beg for tickets at the same price at the airport tomorrow. We'll see how that goes...and let you know. Potentially we'll be letting you know from the same mexican food place as a result of our thorough forward-thinking pattern.

Other than that we tried to figure out ways to get Claire dates with random really hot people we know (because as our berry biologist friend told Claire on her my space, she needs to "partner up" with someone other than Lara and Jesus) and strategized the best ways to make money off the blog so we can just keep going because we never want this to stop being our life.

We not only love, but really can't believe, this is our life. Really. The level of absurdity and number of dream-like backgrounds keep it feeling pretty surreal.

but back to work...


SavvySunshine said...

This is a really nice post. Good luck on getting to Bangkok!

In other, completely unrelated news, I managed to put y'all into another post of mine: check it here, yo!


Lana said...

nice hair clarita! nice hair thingy larita! you girls are so mellow and hot in thailand, i love it! take more pictures!!!!!

have i mentioned recently that i'm obsessed with you two? bc i am. but not in a stalker way, a-la-claire and lara a-la-matthew gross. what?

chirapat said...

(That's hello in thai)

Welcome to Thailand!
Wish you have a good time in Bangkok although it's kinda rainy this couples of week.

Stickler said...

Dates are overrated, but if your ever in cali, I'll be more then happy to take you both out to here your stories!

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