Day 146: Friends

While we wait for the last two months of pictures to upload to Shutterfly, I (Claire) have taken control of the laptop without the mouse problems and am going to make fun of Lara. Yes, again, but it's getting to that point in the trip.

In a recent post, we mentioned the phrase "Chanandler Bong," which, for Friends lovers, was a trivia response Rachel failed to give in a personalized trivia game all the Friends made about themselves in one infamous episode. In like form, we have a friends game that we play with all our old college roommates at particularly special reunions. It has no name, but involves writing 100 questions about our friends, dividing into named, costumed teams, and blissfully playing for as many hours as humanly possible. Additionally, we have lightning rounds. We would market the game, but you don't know who we are and so would not be able to answer questions about the number of our college roommates that have kissed Olympians.*

I, Claire, think that playing this Game (the ongoing event) is maybe one of my favorite life memories. Lara, as usual, would admit to this also being one of her top five life memories, but would let Claire talk about it and publicize it as she likes to pass the buck on all things embarassing and Claire is happy to oblige. Similarly, Claire is our new scapegoat for emulation of Jennifer Cox's Around the World in Eighty Dates, which we will write about when we figure out the exact specifics, which will take a few weeks as we have many things on our plate, but that Lara eluded to in the previous post.

Back to The Game. So, the most recent time we played was in Palm Springs in January for the joint birthdays of Lara and Claire. Yes, we were born(ed) 7 whole days apart. This is a picture of Lara, with TrippingOnMyCouch's Amalia. They were called Team Drunk French Clowns, which was a stupid name in my opinion, but then again my team, Team Fetus, won the 2006 Game, and so we were more intelligent. In this picture, you can see Team Drunk French Clowns thinking hard about this question: "What is the name of the blind (sad, but mostly funny) dog that Steph's parents have at their house in Arizona that/who walks into walls that you all met once in 2002?" Bonus if after 6 years you can also guess Steph's parents' names that for some reason manage to elude all of us regularly.** Team Drunk French Clowns got this right, by the way, to the awe of all involved.

Team Drunk French Clowns, with the words "Lamalia" (Lara + Amalia) and a Jewish star drawn on their chests (Amalia is Jewish, so please refer all queries on the inappropriateness of this to her at TrippingOnMyCouch), is thinking deeply.

* 2 Roommates. 2 Olympians. 25%.

**Answer: Eliot. And, for the record: Nancy and James/Jim.

P.S. *Someone* got a beautiful tattoo! News tomorrow!

Follow Up: I worried that Lara would not like me posting this picture of her as it is less than flattering, but when she saw it all she said was, pathetically, "I miss my hair." And then she started talking about missing those glasses, which are currently in three pieces because she sat on them while trekking to Everest Base Camp.


SavvySunshine said...

Tramp Stamp!

Lana said...

who got the tat you teases!?! was it kelly? you'd better write an email about it before you blog about it if was either of you (especially if it's you, dilbert-head). if i have to find out about either of you getting a tattoo from this blog, look out... i'll deny claire laundry room privileges. and lara, you can forget about vegetarian rice and beans next time you come to sd. OH, SNAP!

Tim said...

It's so nice to be able to read a blog entry every day from my faithful traveling friends, Lara and Claire.
Keep it up.
Oooh, that tat looks painful!

FarmerM said...

That had better not be your ass Lara!!!!!

Lana said...

haha! i heart melanie! called your ass OUT!

what's the link to your shutterfly picture pages again?

spadrez said...

It's "ELLIOTT" two l's & two t's. If it was a spelling test, Lamalia would have LOST! GO TEAM STEPHINA! It's impressive that you finally remember my parents' names. . . WHO"S TAT IS THAT!?!

Lana said...

haha oh yeah... team MARIANA baby! we TOTALLY lost.

next time let's all get funny names. if for no other reason than the blog.

Mari said...

Team Mariana! We may have lost but, if I recall correctly, we definitely had the best team signage. And we also held the uncontested record for most graudation chairs assembled by team members. (Team Fetus, I concede, did pull off best team pic...)

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