Day 148: Hey Blogspot...Vietnam Blocks You, Too...

A couple months ago, when we wrote in India, we were alerting you
readers to the fact that Blogspot was blocked in that fine country.
Blogspot then kindly posted an actual article on the issue, which we
would link to if we could, as we said, open Blogspot. Ahem. Now in
Hanoi, Vietnam, Blogspot has blocked us again, and so we are forced to
send posts through our email, which maybe you don't even notice, but
we feel sad about because we don't know how the formatting comes out,
and it kind of ruins the whole experience.

Note: After 24 hours in Bangkok, (our second whirlwind trip to the
great city) during which Claire and Lara had very different
experiences due to work-related issues meaning that we stayed on
opposite sides, we landed safely in Hanoi this evening. We have some
thoughts on Vietnam, and Forgiveness, and Politics, but we will save
those until we sleep some and wake up better writers. Luckily (cough),
tomorrow night we get on a bus for no less than 21 hours (San
Francisco to Denver, we think??) because we just might have flown into
the wrong city. So that will make up for what is maybe a mistake or maybe just good budgeting - depending on how you look at it.* This is the same bus that our very friendly tour manager in the airport told us would be "bad for health" because apparently the roads can be that bad and the buses that dodgy. Pray for us...

*We prefer the angle that makes us look like non-idiots.

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