Day 149: For Post-Bus Recovery

This is apparently where we stay in Hoi An, Vietnam for the next two weeks. This looks nice. However, after the debacle that was Phuket, Thailand, we don't actually know anymore.

In general, we've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of place willing to believe we are professionals despite our traveling costume of slovenly twelve-year-olds. But we've learned that websites can be tricky. Claire had written "nice" twice in her journal-cum-day planner-cum-work organizer-cum-book list-cum-quotation holder-cum-addressbook (LANA...that was just for you) but it was actually quite a dodgy little affair surrounded by flocks of women of questionable aspect.

But we think pools are a great sign. So if we survive the bus, this is where you can find us. Deep in recovery, using Hoi An as a base for exploring some parts of this as-of-yet very interesting and pretty country. Don't'll hear all about it. Probably in far more detail than you'd like.


Lana said...


i feel used.

Claire and Lara said...

dude. lana. you are, and always have been, entirely for use.... which one am I?

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