Day 153: Fun with Lara's Camera!

Anyone who has talked to me (Lara) in the last few months has probably had to answer questions about my camera.

Specifically, the self-timer feature. More generally, the camera and whatever this "digital" nonsense is.

But look what we found!! (with a little help from our good friend and networking GENIUS ADAM RUGEL, formerly of Odeo). Most impressive, of course, is his previous involvement in My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance, which small brush with reality TV got Claire's little heart a-leaping. We will have future posts on how this amazing little partnership is going to play out, and how it will affect all you fine people. But be excited. Be very excited.

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Mari said...

Ah! So weird to hear your voices.

Claire: Nice shirt!

bbop said...

I agree with Mari, great to hear your voices.

Claire: Nice hair! Looks like those beaches or high altitudes lightened it up!

SavvySunshine said...

Yeah, that was kind of weird. I don't know y'all personally, so it's weird to see you (Claire) in anything more than a goofy picture - you look so normal. And then to hear both voices - strange.

Since this seems to be a theme:

Claire: nice earrings!


Natalie said...

Did I miss the update on the tattoo? I've been dying to see/read more about it...

FarmerM said...

MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!! You are so YOU!!!!!!! And I Love You!!!This is so GREAT - I want to see hundreds of hours of your whole trip!!!

r_y_a_n said...

If I didn't know that Farerm is someone's mom, the above comment would really freak me out.

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