Day 154: Bridesmaids

In honor of this little clipped thing, called BRIDESMAIDS, we wanted to let everyone* know about which bridesmaid dresses we chose.

Claire, at your suggestions, took Dress 2, the one in which the girl is sitting down and the dress Claire refers to as "the fish scale one" as per the webbing like thing on the bodice.

Lara semi branched out from suggestions to choose the strapless sleek option 1, the change being that she made it floor length, because Kelly (who named TrippingOnWords and works in fashion and is Lara's best friend from forever) Said So.

Look for extensive video clips when these things are actually on said bodies for the actual wedding.

*Everyone includes Renee, the Kiwi, who's mother wrote us saying she is in the hospital due to a back injury. We are very sorry, Renee, and send you absurd amounts of healing energy! We hope to see you reading again soon!


Jonathan said...

i'm not sure that you guys are aware of this, but that video is on THE INTERNET. nice.

the only real comment i have is that there was no progress indicator on the video, so i was forever unable to gauge how much more claire & lara was in store for me. it did end eventually though, and what a finale!

claire, good luck with those ex-boyfriends.

sarah mac said...

i LOVE the 'lara getting fitted by asian tailor' segment. you two should do this more often (posting videos, that is).

rory: princess of pepper said...

oh this so made my day.
the claire segment reminded me of the ridiculous videos we used to make in high school which had no purpose apart from recording ourselves getting wildly drunk and jumping around.
although i guess sipping wine and writing a letter does not qualify as "getting wildly drunk and jumping around."
something to consider for the next one, girls.

SavvySunshine said...

I so TOTALLY agree with Sarah Mac! More videos. Change the whole direction of the blog and make it videos. Seriously, though, that was hilarious and really cool.


FarmerM said...

What is up with the big white space (like 3 pages of it) before we get to your comment de jour? Do love the videos but also love the writing so don't give up that. Also agree with jonathan - a boob fitting on the net!??? Hair is cute you hooch!!!

Claire oh Claire - why are you trying to make it less awkard for the guys? They SHOULD feel awkward and you should not!!! No matter who broke it off - they are CLEARLY the losers (Lara I can hear you saying "Oh dear lord!"). You are so beyond them at this point.

r_y_a_n said...

-another hillarious comment from mom. I love it!

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