Day 155: We Are Tired


Because two troublesome Australian brothers, a sweet Irish nurse who works in Sydney, and an Australian chick living in London took us out on the town last night.

Someone told us everything in Hoi An, Vietnam closes by 10 PM.

They were wrong. We were also wrong to schedule a meeting for 11 AM this morning.

We will write more about these nut jobs we were out with later, but unfortunately, we are both trying to make deadlines (just like we were at 4 AM last night...professional we are) and are both useless today.

So instead, I will give you a sense of what we talk about on such days.

Most Common Sentences Said Between Claire and Lara During This Trip:

1. I hate our job (re: editing work. boring but profitable and it comes with deadlines that keep us up late)
2. I can't believe this is our lives
3. What month/season/day of the week/date is it again?
4. "Do you get what I'm talking about. No? No."
5. I miss Mexican food.
6. Dude...seriously.
7. How much is it?
8. Do you know what they just said?

Now put these together repetitively (especially #1) and in random order and you know what Claire and I are doing today.



Albert de la Hoz said...

Dear Claire and Lara,
I have found your blog very interesting and amusing. Mine is boring, but I cannot help.
However if you visit once my blog you will see that my logo is algo a penguin although my penguin is a small sculpte made by a modern artist that make his works by things he finds, so the penguin comes probably from a toy and is over a beach pebble.
However your couple of penguins is very amusing too.
Please can you help to put your penguins on my blog?
Please just for you information note that my blog is written in Catalan language which is spoken in Catalonia, north east of Spain, Roussillon, south east of France as well as in Valencia, Balearic islands and in Alghero, Sardinia.
It is a Roman language that some words resemble Spanish and others French or Italian.
A kiss from

Seismic_Pirate said...

Dear Claire and Lara, I have never started a comment with Dear..., but Albert reminds us all that ettiquette and politeness are not totally dead due to the internet's influence (LOL, BRB, and all that evil things I now type). My site doesn't have any penguins, but it does have a nice image of skull and crossbones and one of grapes in a cup, but I digress.

I was fascinated to see that depsite us having TOTALLY different jobs, your eight most common sentences nearly match mine, if you add in some creative cursing, and "OH SHIT-we're taking on water, again!"

I also wonder if like me, you often wake up and wonder where you are?

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