Day 156: 23 Weeks and all we have to show for it are these stupid videos

Today we are working, which means editing the English on the website at the Hoi An, Vietnam hotel we are at. Lara just completed analyzing this complex sentence: "Arriving at summer, we are excited to splash you with our summer promotion!"

We have some comments about the clips you be viewin' on a more regular basis now.

1. They are not our fault. We are very open people (oversharers, perhaps?), and have many hours of lame footage. (Because we are sick of talking to each other.) Then, People Who Know edit these hours to make them less inane and more enjoyable in 30 second bites. If you don't like some of them, like say you are Lara's mother or Jonathan and did not like watching a discussion of whether or not Lara should wear a push up bra for an upcoming wedding, we apologize. But, you know. If we feel something is really inappropriate, we won't post it. We have no shame; but we, unlike our editor, do not declare ourselves morally bankrupt, so we'll see what happens.

2. These are the things we apologize for on this video. Claire says something in Spanish, and it sounds really annoying. (Lara's note: Claire actually speaks Spanish, so she is not one of "those" Americans who use accents on any word that sounds vaguely foreign. Like "burrito" or "Mexico.")

3. We just found a Footprint on the top of Lara's compu. Seriously.


Jonathan said...

well at least you're being very democratic in your choice of online video hosting/sharing services.

also, it may interest you to know that the video two blogs ago (the one containing the push-up bra segment of which you implied i disapproved, though it would have been more correct to say that about it i remained morally aloof, while thinking it nonetheless quite awkward) is gone, and in its place is the current video. what did you do?

Adam said...

"Morally bankrupt?" Never said it. You have have no proof.

Claire and Lara said...

Both of you are trouble.

Adam, we do have proof. And you know it.

And yes, Jonathan, we opened the template today. So yes, of course something is messed up. But Keith O now fits (kinda)!

bbop said...

Lara-Your hairdo is so cute--just like one of the models (Jade) on Project Runway when they visited Thailand and also like a 40's movie star.
Claire-The suit is gorgeous and you are now outfitted for one of those cubicle jobs you crave.

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