Day 156: Small Note (s)

As video could confirm, Lara did not receive a tattoo. That was lovely Claire's lovely friend Diana's back.

We think it's pretty, though, and that people who agree to get pierced with needles and ink deserve some kind of public credit. And we're going to be joining Diana for some touch up work on her tat in a few weeks in Singapore. Thanks Diana, for assuring us about the existence of high quality Mexican food restaurants.

So yeah. C and L are collectively of now. But Diana sent Claire some cute crosses to think about. So sorry to disappoint.

P.S. Thanks to all our blogging friends, who keep reading us even when we can't open any of their blogs and/or respond to the comments left on Tripping On Words.... We're sorry, but blame censorship. Because people should not be stifled and oppressed. And then sip on a long, cool Orangina.

P.P.S. Thanks to NYTimes Frugal Traveler Matt Gross' friend Newley Purnell, who is a travel writer who agreed to go to drinks with us in Bangkok last week. We missed each other, but we are consistently delighted by people's willingness to take us seriously and/or entertain us.


Nick said...

You'll like Singapore...great place for shopping and food. Word of warning, though...don't be tempted by the presence of Taco's gross, nothing like the real thing. So, you're being blocked from blogger, right? Have you tried going through a proxy server? Try going to this site: and then going to blogger. If you're blocked from that site, try; for list of other possibilities.

Good luck!

Claire and Lara said...


We are commenting!

You know why? Because we can see the blog.

The fact that we can see the blog means two things:

1. You are a genius
2. We are in love with you

Nick for President!!!!!!!!!!!

Lana said...

AHHHH, ORANGINA! ORANGINA! ORANGINA! the more you say it, the more wrong it sounds.

40 yr old virgin:
"so, your name is Gina?" (G-nuh)
"Gina" (G-eye-nuh)

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