Day 157: Good Editors, Us!

Sometimes, Lara and Claire talk about hating one of their jobs. It is not the travel writing one, or the blogging one, but the boring editing one where there are deadlines and angry customers with poor English. In this video, you can see what happens when we make bad decisions, and decide to make our late night deadline by first going to dinner and trying a Vietnamese specialty: Snake Wine. In which, similar to Tequila, large cobras, one dead bird, and a spider marinate in the wine to make it a feat every tourist feels the need to overcome. Lara couldn't have it, because she is a Vegetarian.

The part of this video that is Lara's favorite is when Claire directs the typer to: "Take out the bad phrase 'Organic Chemistry.'" But that was cut out. Don't you want Claire and Lara to do editing for you?

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Anonymous said...

Who's that guy helping out with the essay??? He seems hot! =]... Hope you enjoy Cambodia girls xo

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