Day 164: Logistical Videos (Roller Skating One Has Sound Now Sarah and Gabby)

We have been good tourists these days in Siem Reap. Seeing temples, looking at the particular tree at the jungle temple where Tomb Raider Angelina Jolie decided to begin saving the world, and generally spending the good American dollar in Cambodia on important things like Mexican Food (because, like Ecuador and other strange places, the American Dollar is the currency of choice).

As always, though, we are dealing with travel and logistical problems. To see what it looks like to break down in Cambodia (Car - wise, not emotionally) watch this one. Lara is the one who is asleep, immune to the dire disaster.

Or, to watch beautiful airport scenery and rollerskating (at one time! no less!) watch this one. Those who know us will be sad to know that this is a video of Lara rollerskating with coordinated 8 year olds, and not Claire. Because, given Claire's various inner ear problems that create a dire lack of balance for things like walking and bike riding, that would be really really funny to watch. Maybe we'll put some of those up later this week.

Real Time P.S.: It is midnight in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Lara and I are on wifi in different parts of the city, g-talking simultaneously with a. eachother and b. the same mutual friends/colleagues. I think we need more space, when I realize that I have not seen Lara in two hours and have all these things to say. Lara: I am at the Mexican resto, where manager Scott said he checked out TrippingOnWords. Then he said Phoenix-like a la Steph Padrez "woah man..." in regards to how much time it looked like it took to keep up. I smiled and said that our personal secretary, Maxine, actually does the whole thing. Torrential Rain just started!


sarah mac said...

i am totally freaking out that for some reason the video of lara rollerskating, etc. has NO sound!!! and it looks so promising...

Gabrielle said...

Yes, please sound! And it is really nice to see a little bit of WHERE you are (thank you Claire). As much as we love, love, love you, this trip around the world thing seems a bit more real when there are at least snippets of scenery from car windows. Case in point: John still thinks you are at the top of a mountain where the snow never melts.

But then Lara I think that your family has been making that complaint since you first came back from summer camp with roll after roll of close-up photos of little girls faces, heads pressed together.

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