Day 165: Bus Travel

Today we had a smiling fight (she was smiling, Lara and Claire were not) with the Hotel Manager's Assistant, who was sucking. The fight was about our check out date, which is tomorrow, not today. And the day long bus that goes along with said check out date to take us to an airport to then take us to Singapore to then take us to Diana, who has been very nice to post all kinds of FreeLance related things on her site of late. The fact that she (the hotel manager's assistant, not Diana) was smiling as she was being insipidly mean and stupid to us made us even more upset. So, that was fun. No we're back at Siem Reap's Blue Pumpkin Cafe, which is nice, and has AC and wifi and banana chocolate shakes. For all the people who suggested who go to the infamous music cheap MP3 heaven downloading locale, the Boom Boom Room, we want to let you know that we are looking at it right now, and will do that later.

The specific drama of today centers around several dozen flight nightmares. OneTravel, which used to be Claire's favorite booking venue, is now our least favorite, after a disastrous erroneous charge of over one thousand dollars. Additionally, today we also hate United Airlines, for changing their stopover policies on Frequent Flier tickets without notifying their customers and thus sticking us in thick, thick mud regarding bachelorette parties in Las Vegas. While we are complaining (we are, if you cannot decipher this), Lara would like to add that we also hate the city of Sacramento, for consistently showing up as an airport near to San Francisco, when it is not. And finally, we hate pigeons. Because they are disgusting.

Sometimes, when flight headaches become particularly nightmarish, we have fantasies about taking buses. Because taking buses, we have decided, can sometimes be way better. In that the basic issue with buses is that they are longer, but there is a lot less hassle involved. And we are good at sitting waiting for something better to happen for up to 20 hours on end. Especially when they cost less.

For examples of how good we are at buses, and how familiar we have become with them, you can see these videos.

In the first one, we are eating a delicious breakfast of plastic bag coffee. Southeast Asia, like Latin America, has a love affair with using plastic bags as a way to package take away sodas, coffees, and malted milks.

The second video features a roadside moment at a bus stop where Lara begins searching for Maddox. He does not, surprisingly, show up. But he almost did.

Hm. Happy Birthday Jonathan! We hope you are enjoying your 5 star boutique hotel and your cuban cigar in Switzerland. We are happy we are not there, because that sounds very not fun.


Jonathan said...

wow, a shoutout! thanks! maybe i will even watch today's videos!


rory: princess of pepper said...

Lara has no sound!! which, yeah, is kinda charming in a chaplin-esque way, but i'm really curious to know what she is SAYING ABOUT THAT STRAW. the suspense is killing me.

Venitha said...

Malted milks! Where the #$!%* do you find malted milks in Asia?

SavvySunshine said...

Given the fact that Lara has no sound for two days in a row, I believe we can deduce that Claire has NO skills what so ever with the camera.

Seismic_Pirate said...

Hey! I love plastic bag coffee, you can carry like 17 in one hand and not spill a drop;)

I think the lack of sound is TOTALLY funny!

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