Day 165: Siem Reap is Far Away

We have seen some otherworldly-type stuff in Cambodia. The temples around Siem Reap, the famous Angkor Wat and others, look just like they're supposed to. They are huge, and unbelievably impressive. Maze-like, filled with incense from various worshippers, and shockingly open for us to clambor around. The jungle is eating them in a disturbingly picturesque way, and for once, we understand why Hollywood made Tomb Raider, as we too want an excuse to stick around and look at it all. There are also two monks in orange robes on the computers next to me, which always kind of shocks the system into remembering that this is not normal life for us.

That said, all it took for Lara to get all weepy-eyed and homesick this morning was a LITERALLY 3 second clip of her one year old niece saying the word "bobo." It's Gracie's nickname for her brother, and it is a slightly ridiculous clip not meant to cause tears. Especially not in cynical twenty-four year olds known for being "cold-hearted" ever since they didn't cry at Armageddon. And yes, I mean the pretty crappy movie with the oscar-award winning cast of Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis that people watch after long nights of partying in college. I feel it's a commentary on certain friends (LAWYER LANA) more than my cold cold heart (LANA) that my lack of tears at this movie brought such horrible accusations (LANA).

Apparently, the sting is still in that remark.

But moving tandem with the 3-second clip o' goodness came this picture of Claire and I climbing Everest. Admittedly, the four year old Bobo did not write the actual words, but the commentary is apparently verbatim. And do please note the detail involved in Claire's height, and Lara's spastic hair. Big thanks to Kelly, the stand-in Aunt for making said picture possible.

According to this picture, on the top of Everest, Claire says: Where's the mountain? Under my legs! and Lara responds: where's Claire? Right Next To Me!

What is the point of all this blathering about my relatives that no one knows and Claire has to hear about way too often? Just a quick message to those at home that we miss you. It feels like we have just barely started traveling, but at times it catches up to you.

And for those of you we've met in cyberland...don't feel excluded. You're a large part of what keeps us going at all...

If anyone is still reading, thank you, and if you want to know more about my perfect relatives check out:


Bobo Bean said...

I wanna say, uuuh, Hi Guys! I wan tuh say... I miss you. That's what I wanna say.

Lana said...


i miss you girls too, so much. especially you lara, you freakin unfeeling CYBORG. i mean, when bruce willis pushes ben affleck back into the spaceship and rips out his air cord so that he cant breathe outside anymore, and says "your job is to take care of my little girl now... i've always loved you like a son, AJ.... -- THAT'S WHERE THE TEARS ARE SUPPOSED TO FALL! HELLO!!!! claire, you feel me. right? right?

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