Day 169: Crocodiles

Thanks Andy, for making our new header, in which we do interpretive dance in front of Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia. Now Saavy Sunshine* can have her blog header all to herself, given that we are done lifting it. Adam tried, but apparently Claire's password flooziness (Lara thinks Claire is a password floozy in that she passes it out to any and everyone) did not extend to him in time.

So we awoke to Adam, this morning, saying that Andy must have fixed it, or otherwise Jonathan or Will did. We like that Adam and Andy and Jonathan and Will have no idea who eacother is, and yet have become periphery characters in eachother's lives. Kind of like how, at dinner last night, Diana, out of the blue, began metadissecting the positive affirmation and life growth involved in Saavy Sunshine's Operation Keep My GirlFriend. Kind of like how, (yes, the same phrase again) Will, the other day, did some magic whereby he can get into Lara's computer from 10,000 miles away and play around and mess with her settings. This because particularly fun when Lara opened her G-Chat to see Will, as Lara, chatting with Lawyer Lana.

More people who have never and/or barely met. Ah, the web.
What an extensive paragraph of useful information!

As for animals, this is the Crocodile Zoo, where we pay respects to Steve Irwin, and his beautiful family.

*Saavy: You need an RSS feed. Now that we know what these are (thanks Jonathan), and understand why there is an RSS feed for our blog (thanks Will) we are into them and think everyone should do it! We went and signed up for our favorite blogs to read via RSS feed over at BlogLines but couldn't find you. Sad day.

P.S. If you are a female web hacker person, we would like to talk with you. Too many men are involved int he HTML related concerns of this blog.


SavvySunshine said...

Thanks, girls, but I already changed mine. I was tired of seeing my page when I read your page (not really, I actually liked it and got a big kick out of it) and with the new theme and all, it looks so much better.

LOL at C&L and Diana discussing my blog and I in Singapore when I've never met any of y'all. How great is that?

I thought I had an rss feed. Rather, I thought I signed up for one the other day. I'll look into this and figure it out.

Thanks for the shout out BTW.


Claire and Lara said...

yes. singapore discussions of 21st century

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