Day 169: Separate (sniffsniff)

That's right, team. Claire and Lara are actually going to spend more than 12 hours apart (this occuring only when they have a long night of sleep). Lara is off to Bali (to work, you know...rough life) and Claire to France to visit her family and to see the mythical city for the first time.

This is sad for many reasons. First of all, it involves leaving Singapore and the luxury of Diana's wonderful pad, family and Shirley. It also means that Claire and Lara will not be able to share every single thought that pops into their heads.

We think it is about time for this, as the videos have prompted too many friends to comment that we are beginning to sound freakishly alike. To the point that even we notice when Claire starts making overly large gestures in an attempt to be funny a la Lara, or the times when Lara's voice loses all semblance of tonality like Claire's. Poor Diana, Claire's friend from last summer in India, was concerned about Claire, in fact, feeling that she had entered some kind of abusive relationship in which she lost her identity and stopped using the word "I" and replaced it with "we."

Including inappropriate phrases that prompted explanation such as Claire's "Can we jump in the shower now?"

Sigh. Goodbye, Claire. Peace be with you. Go pick up some new phrases for me to adopt. Take care of the wife, Williams family!!!


Jenny said...

so how many times HAVE you screamed, "i wanna go home!!!"? and do you think either of you would have done this alone?

SavvySunshine said...

Aw, it's like when y'all were separated while Lara (or was it Claire) was in India for a month. Hang in there...

I will say this, though: Lucky bastards!



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