Day 178: A Date in Paris for Claire

Lara's efforts to find dinner companions for Claire were rewarded in Paris this week, when Rory set Claire up with a self-identified Franco American transplant from San Francisco. In a rare turn of events, the Bay Area name game proved fruitful, and said Wilkie the Date actually knows some of our college friends (Sinead, I mean Spielger, and you, Julie!).

In this first clip, Rory introduces the many dilemnas that come with scheduling dates for other people. Drinks before dinner or after? Crepes or Mexican?

Here is the lead up to the excitement of actually leaving the apartment for said date, in which Rory captures Claire in her efforts to put on date appropriate clothing because, well, as Cathay Pacific Airlines told Lara (and thereby Claire) in her day 178 post: "You should get rid of your clothes to buy new ones."

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SavvySunshine said...

I'm a dork, I know, but I want deets NOW!

Um, I mean, Claire, how did the date go? Perhaps you should put some information here on the blog to inform your readers NOW!

OK, too much crazy juice...

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