Day 179: And the Date is On!

Here, Rory acts as the Dating Middle Man to break the ice during dinner conversation between Claire and Wilkie the Date. FYI: these are all in small chunks, and not longer segments, due to problems with uploading. Problems that we are, as always, imminently fixing.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3:

In which Claire's favorite date things happen, meaning they eat Mexican food and talk about reality television.

And finally, a fact based video in which Wilkie steps back to tell us who he is as a person. You know, like on every date when the girl whips out a camera with awkward, halting questions to record funny things for her blog. Rory named this clip: "Being Franco American."

Wait, where is the video?

*IMPORTANT* P.S. from Claire. Lara is really going to slap me for this one. A dear friend (Padrez) alerted us to this groundbreaking news. Check out Cosmo's California Bachelor of 2006 to view what Lara's ex-non-boyfriends do not look like. There just might be a video as well. I'm just sayin'.


SavvySunshine said...

LOL that's awkward. So nice that we could be privy to that... more, more, more!


Lana said...

claire's date is hot (appropriate, bc claire herself is super hot too) and that guy, the one who is NOT lara's ex, he's a total goon! seems like a totally awesome guy though.... goon city!

haha just kidding, i voted for him to be the CA bachelor of year! holla!


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