Day 185: Generally Unkempt, but Keeping It Together

We are off to Russia this evening. But this picture of little Lara is pretty much how we feel in Mongolia. Pretty happy, a little nuts, and apparently fairly unkempt. Lara may be the one posting this, but it is only for everyone's amusement. It is yet another embarassing thing that we throw up on this blog so that WAY too many people know way too much about us.

Although we have to say that contrary to popular belief, the Mongolians do not actually seem very unkempt like Lara. They (the women in particular) are remarkably beautiful, and quite fashionable. Yes, even in Mongolia, Lara and Claire stand out for their bad backpacking clothes and general lack of anything fancy like "make-up" or "style." We hope Russia helps us out, but from what we've heard, we don't stand much chance of blending in there either.

Hopefully at least our logistics will pull together. Like our two lost bags will be found and sent back to the States for us from Singapore and France. Or we will buy tickets before the train is about to leave. Or we will not have to run to catch the train. Or we will find a hostel before nightfall. We hope we hope. But given that Lara is basically just a larger version of this nutjob, we don't stand too much chance.

A word on videos: Our Mongolia videos of Photographer/Blog Reader Jacob and his fashion models, Professional Poker Phil discussing why he is a feminist, and the TrippingOnWords girls (that would be us, Claire and Lara, if there was confusion) drinking yak's milk are not up yet due to the usual internet issues. We have every faith that this comes as no surprise. As consolation, though, we offer some videos of Claire's last day in Paris last week before coming to China and Mongolia.

Here is a dynamic panoramic clip of Claire saying goodbye to the fine city. Note how Rory's camera skills mean that you can see Claire from all angles.

Here you can see Parisian Transplant Rory (and Claire's thumb) at the carousel filmed in Amelie

P.S. Thanks for the shout-out today from the infamous, author of the books Who Let the Blogs Out and Blogging! We are happy indeed!


Gabrielle said...

I've always got the reindeer photo if you're looking for embarassing photos Lara.

Claire and Lara said...


how dare you, gabby. Will! Get control of your wife!

Anonymous said...

Blogging from Mongolia sounds awesome. I wonder if anyone else in that part of the world is into blogging? I'm from New Zealand, kind of the opposite, and even though we're very civilised it seems as though most people are still pretty naive about blogging. I emailed someone about my blog and she replied that her husband thought I'd made a spelling mistake! Not sure what he thought I meant. Happy travels.

SavvySunshine said...

Not embarassing, adorable!

spadrez said...

Who's Professional Poker PHIL??? his name was RUSS.

Anonymous said...

I like the picture too. I wish I could watch the videos but my computer is too slow and crappy. Well anyways I can't wait to hear about Russia!

Mr. MTV said...

When Biz Stone said "Two hot globetrotting smart chicks with talent and wit," we were going to offer you a tv show. But all I see is a picture of a little girl. Deal off. - MTV

bbop said...

Claire-AirFrance said they can't locate your missing bag without a 10 digit "File Reference Code" that starts with "CDGAF.....". Please advise.

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