Day 213: Diverging Paths

We have problems taking pictures. Like in this one, for example. We look like friends; but actually if you look closer we seem like a lesbian couple who barely knows each other and yet has been forced to pose in some weird photo shoot from the eighties.

We felt this testament to the weirdness of our relationship was fitting since as we near (12 hours away from Lara leaving Kenya, and Claire’s tears are chasing down her cheeks already!*) a several month break from being on the international road as a solo duo we had a recent test run of what it will be like to be apart. From each other, we mean.

Here is what happened:

Eight days ago you left us (or we left you, depending on how pleasing the absence was) to climb Mt. Kenya. Beforehand, we were going to spend three days at an orphanage near Nyeri, Kenya. We had a very vague connection to this place, but mostly were going because we take anyone’s advice about things to do in places we go.

During that time, we were going to try to convince Claire that it would be better to adopt an AIDS orphan in two or five years’ time when she is more settled and has an actual life partner who is not Lara, and to do what we do best: talk about how we were once again unprepared for an upcoming travel related event, this time a below freezing five day hike with poor clothing and no more cotton stretch gloves (because the person with the name that does not begin with L lost them).

But then we got to the orphanage and all hell broke loose. Specifically, Lara and Claire met some fantastic missionaries Stephanie and Paul, heard about some great things happening in 'Mercan politics, met lots of orphans with recent/tragic pasts but cute hairdos, and created a new life plan for part of next year. This particular new life plan could feature you, or other aimless souls. We’ll talk about it more later, but basically it has to do with hanging out at this health clinic/Presbyterian parish (Lara ain’t presby but she’s still doing it!)/orphanage place. There are gardens. And Kenyan food is good. We have the housing worked out for you. We have the company. We have random Peace Corps volunteers floating around with recipes on how to make soap. We have farms and aMinals to look at. And we have lots of good, interesting, cocktail-conversation impressive reasons for coming to hang out and work here.

So, in efforts to further investigate this new turn of events, we split our forces (Lara to climb, Claire to be deeply, deeply spiritual). It was strange, being apart five days. It was also strange that Lara and Kelly spent the time literally freezing on a mountain and Claire went to a Kenyan hospital for malaria tests (no malaria! Just general 36 hour food poisoning).

We are excited to be working towards better (read: at all) formed plans, as is evidenced by the sick number of exclamation marks used in this post. We are going to work on formalizing them, so as to avoid this most recent IM-related blunder in which a friend bore the brunt of Lara’s misplaced enthusiasm began to join the many forces questioning the nature of Lara and Claire’s life partnership:

Friend had just kindly tolerated a burst of Lara's enthusiasm regarding her small relatives named Bobo and Gracie; she may even have referenced them a time or two on this blog (and go see In a word: lifechanging). This was, of course, her natural segue:

Lara (on IM to male soul seeking life change): “Speaking of small children...clara and I have a proposition for you.”

Lara: “Wait. That sounds so wrong.”

Male Soul Seeking Life Change: “Yes it does! But ok! I'll do it. ”

Again, see asterisk-marked note below.

Sigh. 9 hours and counting until the flight. Claire and Lara; separated a whole two weeks. What will we do with ourselves? No worries; you will still be inundated with fascinating details about our intra-continental travels.

*Kidding? Or not. Good question.


alphawoman said...

You know I am quite a bit older than you all (I could be your Mom for God's sake) so take it from me. Men come and go, but best bud's are a treasure. Who gives a sh** it so and so says you all look like you like each other too much. Because in the long run...and I do mean long run, you will love each other and support each other through thick and to me in 30 years.

alphawoman said...

If I'm still around expounding my wisdom.

Lana said...


maybe i'll go to kenya after i take the bar, if you're there. i'm gonna need a break you know. plus i love you.

Anonymous said...

Lana said it better than I ever could! Glad to have y'all back!

I am def. looking ofrward to hearing what y'all have planned (to use the term loosely).

Anonymous said...

Hey gals. If it's any consolation, you would make a very beautiful lesbian couple. Not that I'm gay or anything.


Anonymous said...

Well, I am gay and I think they'd make a cute, lipstick lesbo couple.

But they're not, so they make even greater friends!

SavvySunshine said...

Hmm. That last comment was me, but it didn't come through that way.

Well now, you know.


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