Day 205: A Much Needed Break

...from us.

We have been accused lately of being wordy and verbose. For those of you who know us, this is clealry ridiculous. For those of you who know Lara in particular, this is completely absurd.

Or freakishly accurate. You decide.

But still a head's up. We are off to Nyeri to go to an orphanage to play with children for a few days thanks to Kelly's Sister's Mother-in-Law who does lots of good work at said orphanage. We then head to nearby Mr. Kenya to climb it. We did this instead of Kili for a few reasons:

1. cost
2. lack of tourists
3. not much lower so therefore still thrilling and challenging and stuff

As a result, we are not sure of how often we will be posting on this blog. No worries...we haven't been eaten.

Finally, let's all say prayers for Claire that she does not adopt an orphan this week. We think she might not anymore, as she made the astute point to Lara yesterday: "Actually, Lara, adopting a child at this point in my life would really change things."

God be with us.


Lana said...

haha, lara wrote this. i could tell bc she said they'd be climbing "Mr. Kenya" instead of "Mt. Kenya"... ha! haha! Yeah, psh, you WOULD be trying to climb Mr. Kenya Lara!!!*** HAHA. boo-yah! left yourself WIIIIIDE OPEN for that one!

***farmerM, totally kidding. its just, she walked right into it, you know. the joke i mean.


FarmerM said...

***You girls are doing such a thorough job of protecting images of Lara that I wonder if you protest too much!!!!!!!!! hmmm who is this girly girl -- Well I get to try and find out SOON

Love you girls!!!!!

annika rose said...

have a great time guys! i can't wait to here all about it.


SavvySunshine said...

OK, withdrawal symptoms are setting in! Where's Claire & Lara?

Anonymous said...

OMG a week and no C&L! AAAAHHHHH!

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