Day 237: Who Won The Game? Ourselves ask Ourselves

The bachelorette party in Vegas was sheer joy for those of us who participated. Lights, drama, tears, and even some smiles.

You can see our fine bride here:

But, as all true bachelorette parties should be, the fun really began when we began rehashing the weekend with those who did not participate. In retrospect, the weekend has become the most fantastically fun thing that anyone on earth has ever participated in.

So when blog reader and HTML widget man met (another, more respectful title could be "friend") Lara, Claire, TrippingOnMyCouch Amalia, and Mari for dinner last night, we really just wanted to talk about our weekend. And so, for all too many hours Jonathan kindly listed as we talked about our favorite topic: ourselves and how much we like ourselves and how much fun ourselves are having and were having and will be having. To Jonathan's major credit, he holds his own well up against four girls, and even occasionally interjected to make comments like: "I quit my job," and "I am coming to Kenya with you in March."

But again, these comments were secondary to the more pressing issue at hand, namely a point by point breakdown of some of The Game's favorite questions. The Game, if you remember, is just a series of questions that we write and then answer about, you guessed it: ourselves. There are lightening rounds, though.

Here are the four intrepid teams, fighting for glory.

Team 1: Tight

Team 2: Less Likely

Team 3: Smaribelle Revisited

Team 4: Saggy Dogs

Some of the questions are included below, and will surely only be interesting to the interested parties.

Name Claire’s landlord and spiritual mother in Mexico?
What is Steph’s boyfriend’s last name?
Name all the boys in our freshman dorm at Stanford?
What day did Tina get engaged?
What was the game Amalia played in Z Gallerie as a child?
Spell Tina’s middle name and say what it means.
Name Amalia’s boyfriend’s skin disease?
List all eight girls' father’s ages in order from oldest to youngest.
How much money does Lara’s old roommate owe her?
What was the name of Lana's youngest brother Gabby's ex-girlfriend?
Name five regular TrippingOnWords commenters?
Who wore headgear as a child?
What city does Sue work in?
Whose mother had them by cesarean section?
Name where everyone’s siblings go/went to college.
How many guests where invited to the wedding?
What law schools was Lana waitlisted at?
What are the official titles of Sue and Mari’s jobs?
Where was Tina and Todd’s first kiss?
Name Four extracurriculars Mari did in high school?


SavvySunshine said...

I'm lovin how Claire looks other worldly in all the picturess she is in.

Ooh, ooh, ooh - most prolific commenters: SavvySunshine (wait, that's me), Sarah Mac, Lana, that farmer-guy, and anonymous.

Jonathan said...

And I thought I must have heard all the Vegas info twice by now!

A fabulous Game wrap-up.

Jonathan said...

Also, none of the videos made the cut? Sad.

Lanit said...

dude you girls should write which ones we got right and wrong. readers might get a kick out of that one hahaha. i know i did. OH AND that's nice that you oh-so-subtly CHANGED the team names. just sayin! that better not mess us up next time we play the game and someone asks "what were last game's team names" and then girls will go "wait, as per the blog, or the actual names?" and then we'll fight about it for like 15 min.

i'd like to note that team Less Likely wrote the best questions of the weekend WHILE cutting claire's hair, AND videotaping for the blog. holla!!!! the questions included "name all the sports everyone did in high school", "name everyone's high school", "who has dogs and what are their names", and "how many countries has claire been to since april?" (19) claire we totally should have won... and in my eyes, we did.

savvy you're so cute - you totally WERE on the list, and lol to "anonymous" (padrez!!!) haha oh and farmerM is a girl ;)

and i cant believe jonathan is quitting his job and going with you to kenya, that is so cool! you go boy!

has anyone sent our pink is hte new pic to trent's blog? i wonder if he'll post it!

Lanit said...

wait wait sorry, i ALSO have to add this:

"who's mom had them by c-section?"
"..what's a by-c-section?"
"a by-c-section?" (laughter)
"are you serious?"
"wait wait girls, are you listening to this? listen listen.. say it again..."
"oh... i said it wrong huh... you're all gonna laugh at me..."
"just say it!"
"what's a by-c-section?"
(cue pointing and laughing)

at least we all love each other so much it's okay...

SavvySunshine said...

farmerM=girl=Oops, my bad!

LOL@me - Thanks Lanit!

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