Day 235: How was Vegas?

How was Vegas, you ask?

Did the Bachelorette enjoy her well planned weekend of events?

Did the Pyramids look like they do in Egypt?

Most importantly, how was The Game?

We're working on explaining, as we look out the window at our favorite old stomping ground: The SF Bay Area. Lara is here for three days, we are jointly living at TrippingOnMyCouch's and Claire's parents' house, and we are scheduling "meetings" with some of the famed commentors on this blog to talk about what's been happening in the USA in the past 8 months. We are also googling pictures of Britney Spears' latest reasons for why she should not get custody.

But, Sports Illustrated nominated Claire's dad Lance and partner Mark for the SI Sportsman of the Year Award. Lance said he thought it was a joke at first, but it's not. Apparently.


sarah mac said...

britney is such a guilty pleasure. she makes me feel icky most of the time (especially for the recently circulating pictures of her nether regions) but sometimes i inexplicably want to hug her.

i wish i was up north so i could take you two out to tea.

Claire and Lara said...

we would want to go to tea too! we are working on our stuff for you...:)

Lanit said...

kfed seems like a joke of a dad! psh, britney should TOTALLY get custody, she's clearly a really good mom.

now you're kinda confused huh. so am i.

brit, snap out of it and come baaaaaack!!!!!

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