Day 244: SarahMac and Jake We Love You!

Well this is beyond overdue.

After months and months of video struggles, which continue, I ran up against the ultimate barrier: my own intelligence. After editing our videos of Mongolia under Claire’s tutelage while in Kenya, I proceeded to head home to upload. Let’s just say this one video have now been edited and “saved” multiple times. Thank God I’m cleaning out my hard drive because I feel less stupid knowing they actually aren’t anywhere in existence and that I’m not just nuts. And in case you were wondering, yes, Claire had done the other ones that went up.

I always wonder at times like this: do people suffering blonde moments, the type we make jokes about, know that they’re being blonde? Or do they think they’re justified? This is of course a purely academic inquiry, since as my nephew has affirmed for me, I am no longer really blonde. Oh, from the mouths of babes…or whatever you’re supposed to say when the little twerps insult people inadvertently and then do it over and over again to try to recapture the adults’ laughter at the injured party.

But anyway: these videos are dedicated to our dear cyber-friends Sarahmac (other blog that references us also here) and boyfriend Jacob. These two worked hard to make our time in Mongolia absolutely fabulous, putting us in contact with each other and gorgeous models who entertained us. What’s even better is that they have complimented us in cyberland on Jake’s blog and then given us a standing invitation to dinner in L.A. where they live. This is extremely exciting for us, as even though we’ve been back a while, we’re still way too thrilled to talk to people other than each other.

And everyone should get excited: video editing software will be landing soon, and that means quality videos with things like background music. And hopefully, a faster than 4 month turnaround time just to be fancy.

Who is this Jake character?

Jake uses photographic skills:

PS--A little Twitter Recognition: check us out HERE


trippingonwords said...

models really aren't like real people...too pretty....

sarah mac said...

Aaaaaaaaaah! i think i just had a mild seizure finally getting to see these.

and lara is right (jake agrees) models aren't real people (even though i secretly think lara could model with her all her commendably lithe posing for the camera as evidenced in numerous shots on flickr. but we naturally suspect that she might think this is a ridiculous proposition and would laugh right in our faces).

if you think regular models are funny, you should get acquainted with an ass model (like for jeans). that's a whole other layer of weirdness right there.

dinner's on anytime. anywhere.

sarah mac said...

ps...we love you too.

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