Day 243: Twitterize Yourself and Videos of The Game in Vegas

Here are some videos about The Game. The Game being the game we invent with our friends, that we copied from NBC's Friends, that we played in Vegas last weekend. The first video, weirdly, got on some list which meant that lots of people saw it on YouTube on Sunday before we bothered to put it on the blog. The moral of this story? Get Lawyer Lana to cut your hair, film it for the web in a Vegas hotel bathtub, and lots of people will watch. (Seriously, though, the video is really boring.)

Here, Lawyer Lana explains The Game:

Here, Lara gets laughed at in The Game when people know the answer to the question, "What song did Chris Ayer sing from outside Lara's window to woo Lara as a lowly college frosh?":

If you don't like these videos (you know who are you), you can just thank your lucky stars that you are not watching the television that I am right now, as I pretend to work. For instance, I just learned something meaningful from a Real World Marathon*. After a hideous fight over racism, one roommate very lovelingly forgives the other. In explaining how he found the grace to forgive, he comments deeply: "I am an a**hole, but not a d*ck!"

Additionally, Tom Hanks is apparently doing commercials for the Nature Conservancy in which he is in a canoe. It's weird, people, I'm telling you.

P.S. aka TrippingOnWords Is Pleasantly Yelling At:

1. A blog reader’s 8-month-old kitten, Muna, has Feline Leukemia and needs positive energy sent her way as well. Read Allie’s story about her dear kitty here.

2. Thank you to Johanna the PhD, who just made my day when I opened an Amazon package to find Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia. Lara would say, "That is such a Claire book!"

3. Please JOIN TWITTER. Which we have, if you look at the toolbar on the right hand side of your fine screen and see something that tells you what precisely Lara and/or Claire are doing at this very moment. If you, too, join twitter, you can engage in such meaningful life updates on an hourly basis. More importantly, WE WILL HAVE FRIENDS. Although we really like twitter, and are happy we joined, we are sad to only have two friends to our name right now. Help us look less pathetic.

And thanks for promoting us Twitter! That was sweet!

*If you are reading this, and you read the phrase "Real World Marathon" and you think "I love when you have nothing to do on a Saturday and you turn on the telvision and have 14 hours of Real World all for your taking," then you know you are a bit like Lara and Claire. Not that you want to be.

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Lanit said...

AAAAHAHAHHAHAH... funny stuff girls! nice work on that editing too (you know what i'm talking about). that is hilarious... the walk to branner for the concert, the run-up, the handing of the rose to lara, the jogging to the front, and then.... 'and all i ever knew... only you...'


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