Day 247: Cancun Beaches

Here are some videos from a recent family reunion/Thanksgiving in Cancun. I (Claire) am trying the "videos before words" tactic in this particular post, as it makes the first page of our blog look better, and allows me to not come up with a segue between my thoughts and our videos.

Near twin cousins Bailey and Lauren (their brothers Neil and Jay are the real twins) on the beach, discussing how they do not, contrary to popular belief, get in gang fights, but how they are, in concordance with popular beliefs, Bringing Sexy Back.

All the cousins, burying Jack in the sand.

I had a pleasant weekend. After sharing a 7 hour dinner with our dear food reviewer friend Amalia Friday and a nice day in chilly San Francisco Saturday, I returned home to Berkeley to watch more television than I have watched in the entire year of 2007. All in one short 12 hour period, which was remarkable.

Most notably: The A&E Movie, "Wedding Wars", with John Stamos and Grey's Anatomy McSteamy made me cry a lot with alternate moments of joy and semi-sadness. If you have seen this movie, and you find it strange that I was actually crying, you can simply remember that I am one of those people that finds depth and meaning in Citibank commercials, and this may help explain. If you have not seen this movie, let me tell you about it. Aside from being hysterical and pretty (nice white houses in Maine with docks made me jealous), it tackles the issue of gay marriage. And by "tackles" I mean takes the TrippingOnWords/Correct point of view, which is that if you are actually opposed to gay marriage you are very silly and could maybe use all your excess energy to work on some legitimate concerns that do not relate to people loving each other, like figuring out how to get more jobs to poor people.

But enough of that. Currently, I am watching a documentary on the Discovery Channel with Lance and Barb, the parents, about climbers on Everest. It takes me back to my time there with Lara in August, but also makes me feel warm and safe amidst the wifi and Mexican food of California. For this reason, i have included a list (which is entirely predictable if you read this blog) of the Top Ten Things I am most grateful for about not being on an Around the World trip at this moment:

1. A kitchen where I can make what I want to eat/drink
2. Multiple pairs of pajama pants
3. Makeup, and a mirror to use it
4. Bathtubs
5. Running on CA streets is safe
6. Having other people to talk to besides Lara
7. My cellular phone, and the people who call it
8. I understand people more of the time
9. Fast Internet
10. Ellen Degeneres, and the chance to see her more often due to my working television

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