Day 248: Third Fever, and I Miss my Nurse Claire

So the aforementioned rotters, see two posts ago, infected me. They always do; I felt it coming, knew it was possible, and yesterday it struck.

This is the loving face that infected me:

I’m sure you all want to hear as much as possible about my swollen tonsils, pus, fever and bedridden hair. Sexy, I know.

But I will move on instead to my thoughts on the season. Everyone is wandering around jolly and in santa hats, which I do not really understand. What is the value in the shape, I ask you...I feel it's a heat escape expressway.

We have had all kinds of confusion as to where Christmas would take place this year, as the babies are a central part of holiday celebrations, since we all have to pretend they enjoy us more than us. Happily, my family is also between houses. We were supposed to be gone before I got home, then by five weeks ago, then by two weeks ago, then by tomorrow…happily the woman buying the house is a “nervous buyer” as the realtor used to say. Now we have all just settled into calling her “ crazy” or “dog lady.” This includes our overeager realtor, which entertains everyone. Poor Kevin held out a while there, but even he came around. She's nuts. So we are now both in lovely Concord, and New Hampshire, where people have hair like this:

Yes, that's me with a mullet. I was in mid-shave...Claire and Amalia did this to me. The wife cum friend betrayal...ouch.

Perhaps it's the anxiety surrounding the move, though I do not have to do anything, or the stress surrounding Christmas, though Claire got me off my ass while we traveled to buy gifts for all--fear of Claire has driven many wise decisions. But ever since we got home, I have been a miserable sleeper. And I mean miserable. Up till all hours, not partying, waking naturally before the sun comes up (granted its Boston in winter).

I love sleep. I want to sleep with sleep. Love love love. Cannot emphasize enough. But, as my dear friends from Vegas know, I have not been able to put in the hours I need. Three or four hours a night does not a happy Lara make; it actually makes me just repeat "I am so tired. I am so tired I could vomit. No really, guys, no one has ever been this tired" over and over and over and over again in Vegas. It was a test of love to be with me, I can tell you.

Anyway, the result? A fever. Which is what I get...Claire gets sick in other ways, I always get a high fever that makes people who do not get these nervous around me. Claire is used to it by now, and just covers my face while I sleep, knowing that I wil lwake up in the morning with the same string of senseless narration that makes me so charming. Kind of like the feverish blog post. Ironically, the fever is not unlike the insomnia: everything is painful, fuzzy around the edges, and I don't actually want to go to bed because I hate sleeping through the night with a fever. My eyes are burning, the couch can't be comfortable, and I find movies like Little Black Book extremely entertaining. Sadly, this is not the first time I have found a truly miserable Brittney Murphy movie extremely entertaining. I appeal to Christina in proving to Claire that the movie Just Married with the amazing Brittney Murphy and Ashton Kutcher is ACTUALLY extremely funny.

Yet, last night I went to see Queen, with Helen Mirren. GREAT movie. Actually good acting, intense sets, and lots of real clips of Diana, who was actually gorgeous. The only person that comes off badly is Charles--poor Chaz. I definitely recommend it, though as I discussed before, my standards are down.

Oooh...Hitch is on. Tried to watch it once, had to turn it off. Will I finish it tonight? I think so...


SavvySunshine said...

Oh Lara! I hope you feel better soon. I can just feel your misery oozing through your blog post.


SavvySunshine said...


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