Day 256: First Day of Wedding Week

One day, while I was home this month, my father came into my room to say good night.

"Night." He said (as one might say in this situation). And then, "make sure to update your blog so that I know what's going on in your life."

It was a good commentary on life.

That being said, I am posting this entry on Wednesday, although it was written yesterday, Tuesday, which was the first day of Lara and Claire and everyone and their mother attending the huge wedding of our dear friends, Christina and Todd, in Seattle. We have schedules here to adhere to, and thus not exactly endless time for blogging.

Like, for instance, we (Claire) have done these things to take up said non-blogging time:

- Watch Amalia speak in pleasant, annoyed tones to the Southwest representatives about her 2 pieces of missing luggage.

- Watch Amalia ask, and then realize, that if Southwest does not find her bags, she will be the only bridesmaid not wearing a green dress.

- Watch Amalia realize that this may mean that she may not be standing up with the rest of us due to her odd one out dressless status.

Alas, this was today. And just one more example of why you shouldn't fly this week.

In closing, though, our friend Jenais just entered into the blogosphere. Jenais, among other things, is a writer. Here is a picture of her, looking hot, and doing what she loves - cooking (and writing about it).

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