Day 257: Seattle Evening...Mellow for the last time in days

Yet again, the drawgroup is back together, or will be soon (some are stuck in the airport) and we are lying around watching TV and looking at trashy celebrity magazines. Of course, aside from the TV and access to the celebrity magazines, this is basically just a summary of what Claire and I do on trains, buses, and in various hotel rooms. Also, similar to Claire's back-in-time entry, the TV is from a month and a half ago (rerun of Letterman with Brittney Spears) which is about what happens in most of the countries we've been to.

Tonight, in an effort to take full advantage of this cultural center and to spend time with our bachelorette friend, four of us not including the bride went to see Babul. (it is pronounced like the word "babble" as an exhaustive google search just revealed) All in all, fine movie. Very impressive, very pretty (though Brad not quite as much as expected) but we were all left quite confused. What was the point? We searched deeply for meaning, working hard to rememebr what the trailer had told us the two sentence point was, and disappointed that the big stars weren't around more.

Then Steph, who had invested an extra fifty cents in a refillable popcorn, gave her extra to a homeless man who promptly through it away. But at least, as one of our friends once expressed concern about, we did at least acknowledge the cold homeless person.

We now exhaustedly fall into bed, though we did not do much today but shop, get manicures and nap. However, people underestimate how emotionally exhausting it is to primp; beauty is pain and pain is tiring. We have folded lots of programs with our now beautiful nails and have earned our rest.

Tomorrow night...the bachelorette party! You're all sure to receive a partial report at best. Then the rehearsal, then the cocktail party, then the rehearsal dinner...thenthenthen. It is an event based few days coming our way.

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sarah mac said...

while we saw babel and secretly wished we had gone to the departed instead, i still liked it. what i drew from the movie is as follows: everyone needs a little help sometimes. that and the world is scary and unpredictable. oversimplified true, but i think it works.

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