Day 260: Wedding Bells are Ringing

Today is The Day for our friend Christina. That amazing day when she agrees to hang out with this one particular boy pretty much nonstop for the rest of her life.

Things have been good in Seattle--a bit nippy, but in general the weather has held and now it is sunny for dear old Christina, which is about as it should be on this day of days.

It has been an event-packed few days, with bachelorette party, hawaiian themed (aloha!) and penis-cake filled and then rehersal nonsense last night.

There was laughter, there were tears (by everyone in the hall...), and there was booty shaking. It was exactly like college, basically. Especially since it was a huge reunion of people from a long time ago and we got to watch us all pretend to be adults and act like children. We've known this couple for a very very long time, and by extension their friends are well acquainted. And even more so after a good time last night.

As bridesmaids, we're off to go prep now for the wedding. Send prayers that we manage to be pretty cry-ers for once, that we don't fall on our faces and that everythign goes well for everyone at center stage.


Devdas said...

Good luck. Don't stress out about messing up because if you keep thinking about it you just might do it. Go with flow.

Helen said...

Good luck! I'm sure nothing will go wrong! Let's hope so, anway. Fingers crossed!
Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. It was fun seeing both you these past few days. I miss crazy college times with all you girls. Keep me posted on Kenya and let me know if either of you need a tour...I'm quite the guide.
Good luck with those resolutions!

Lexa Roséan said...

good luck and happy new year!

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