Day 263: Home Again Home Again

...with extreme speed. Or not so much...finally got to my New Hampshire house (lovingly nicknamed The Manse for its extremely non-Manse-like feeling) at around 3 PM today. Well, really, that's when I came to at the Manse. I passed out in the car on the way up after a sleepless red-eye flight and my parents let me keep sleeping there until I woke up from the cold. It was admittedly quite pathetic; they were being considerate, but I felt homeless.

Now that we have cable up in New Hampshire, I am becoming increasingly concerned about my parents' move to this lovely lovely state. Over the course of the last half an hour of primetime programming, I have seen multiple ads for the type of job placement usually reserved for mid-day programming (electricians, high school degrees through the mail), multiple appeals to quit alcohol or more shockingly cocaine, and numerous health advice interruptions about how to wash your hands. I feel such programming does save me the required effort to make jokes about New Hampshire; what can one say after being instructed about handwashing methods?

(this is Claire at a roadstop sink in South Africa last year...there was no sink. it was a flat counter and the water ran to the floor. we find such things interesting. Others do not.)

Clearly, sending our first friends off into holy matrimony has exhausted me and everyone else. I feel this is a good reason to put off my New Year's resolutions toward routine (so there, Claire), exercise, and to watch less TV. Resolutions are going great so far. Really well.

Luckily in my zombie state, my parents still find me entertaining; as my friends have pointed out, my family finds me way way way more entertaining than I actually am. They are even better affirmation than our friend Sue (the cute littler blonde in the non-white dress in the pictures above) who legitimately laughs at everything. I prefer to think this is not the case, and that I am actually just a funny person, but it really is parent-dependent. Claire's family respects her as an adult and has serious conversations about things like culture and movies; my parents like to hear about my really bad bridesmaid's speech.

which you will all see soon...but note to readers: I have the video this time, but unfortunately my hard drive has completely crashed and is currently being replaced. there will be a slight delay on wedding watching; but no worries. worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

what are you wearing?

Claire and Lara said...

can't tell if this is a weird internet come-on or a mocking of claire's South Africa magic pants...

lana said...

lara your speech was great. not as great as mine bc i cried, but still great. i seriously miss you girls so much. and i think i've developed insomnia. xoox.

ps: i might start throwing "what are you wearing" into every comment i make too. lara knows what i'm talking about.

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