Day 265: Stanford University Research Skills. This Really is All True.

So I have been bouncing around since Seattle as well, but only between our many houses. Which sounds swanky, but actually we’re just in mid-move.

Newport, New Hampshire became my land of sleep, as that and work are all I did while there. I am known in my family for not always being entirely enthusiastic about the family move to New Hampshire. I was not really that hyped about the previous move to Concord either, but that was only because my parents promised me an urban homecoming, and then moved to a very very suburb. I came around, however, and am now loathe to leave the aforementioned suburb.

So in order to bring myself to terms with this most recent situation, I decided to do some research about Newport, NH. Here’s what I learned today:

1. Newport, NH is the sunshine town. I do not really know why. But I have a picture that proves it.

2. The population is 6,110 people in 43.6 square miles

3. The town recently spent five million on a sewage treatment plant, and two million on a water filtration plant. Woo hoo!!!

After this the statistics start to get a tad less precise:

4. My dad, in all seriousness, estimates that there are between 50 and 100 car dealerships or mechanics within a five-mile radius of our house. There are three within a “block” of our house. Really can't tell you enough how I'm not kidding.

5. If you take a certain turn-off, you can get your car fixed and a new haircut all from the same store!

6. Newport, NH has stores named:

Stone Eagle: Stone Crafts, Artwork and Firearms

and the recent addition: Git ‘R Cut!

7. There are no FedEx boxes, and no Starbucks; all espresso drinks must be bought at Dunk’n Donuts

8. The Fine Dining Restaurant Andre's is located in a double-wide trailer.

Look at this prep work. I’m making an effort here…it clearly is a lovely place. Just a little adjusting necessary…Of course, I have gained this wonderful perspective and sense of humor only from my cozy house in Boston.


Adam said...

poor vogie

Will said...

Dear little sis:

In making fun of Newport, never forget that directions to our house include: "just past Crazy Ed's, turn at Blood's Auto and take Cutts Road."

If you don't like the sound of that, you can always stay at "A Night With a Local," the nearest bed and breakfast.

Will said...

Also, a correction:

It's "Stoneagle," not "Stone Eagle." You can make words however you like when you're the largest Terry Redlin dealer in the Northeast!

diana said...

oh shit, i mailed your card to concord.

FarmerM said...

In our defense we are "bobos in paradise" and just following our genetic coding --- "we have to get ourselves back to the gaarden". (you are too young and clueless to get this reference but it is apt).

SNOBS I have raised SNOBS.... but also world travelers and adventurers and wonderful people who are good, noble and true and also make fabulous parents so all in all a bit of snobby is OK I guess.

Hey - who else leaves three bedroom empty just waiting for the progeny to return?

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