Day 274: Things I Love and do not Love

I (Claire) had a lovely weekend in San Francisco, celebrating the visit of our dear friend Suebelle, who works in Boston but was out in SF for MacWorld. We all hadn't seen Sue in nearly 10 days, since we were in Seattle for the wedding, so it was a much needed reunion of souls.

We did lots of fun things, like see DreamGirls and nearly vomit (that was me - at the sheer idiocy of Beyonce's nomination for a Golden Globe in the Best Actress category). We also watched a lot of The Office. Although people had been telling me I would love it for years, what really convinced me that I had to see it was when, a few weeks ago, someone told me that the Pam/Jim romance had made them sort of cry. This fundamentally went against all the things I thought I knew about The Office, in that I thought it was merely a mindless show that was riotously funny in a sort of sick way. To investigate the matter, and because I can cry at anything, I watched it. I indeed felt like watching Pam and Jim was the sweetest thing in the world.

In other romantic news, we found out that the IRS has a love crush on our friend Mari. Indeed. Not only does the IRS call Mari, the IRS calls Mari and does not leave messages - an obvious sign that the IRS really wants to speak to Mari but does not want to appear too eager. Perhaps you have engaged in this type of behavior before. This love game all started last week, when Mari got a missed call from the state of Ohio. Since I was in Ohio, she thought it was me needing something, and so called the number back. A live person, and a rather cheerful one at that, answered the phone to say that Mari had reached the IRS. Because Mari is a dult, as Lara's nephew calls us fine twenty five year olds, she hung up the phone at once. The IRS has never called back, so the romance was short lived.

In contrast, the long lived Hollywood romance of Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake has ended. We are sad, of course, but hardly suprised. After Cameron's lengthy, self-conscious scenes in The Holiday, I too needed a break.

Finally, here's a picture of something I do not love, but which is provocative. Which is a gun. When I was in Ohio for dinner last week I told my uncle I had never seen a gun before. This is not surprising to me, as I maybe don't really believe in guns. [Note: this statement clearly needs a bit more working out, and I will do that imminently so as to make a real point, and not just deny the existence of an existent object.] The table was shocked, and so I got an after dinner tour. It was very interesting, as I love learning about things I know nothing about. Then my uncle took a picture of me with the gun and sent it to my father, who probably loved me a little bit less after seeing the picture.

If you don't love this picture, that's okay. Because studies show that over 99% of people say they do not love Lima Beans, and yet American grocery stores continue to sell them.* Huh.

*This is made up, but it seems probably true.

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i hate lima beans

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