Day 293: The Wedding Returns and Threatens to Return Again

I just watched the movie A Prairie Home Companion. In addition to renewing my crushes on Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin, this movie served to reiterate my crush on public radio in general. I really enjoyed the film, though some of the weirder parts (namely Virginia Madsen's character) were a bit much, and I felt it was very very clear that Garrison Keeler had written the screenplay.

But he is forgiven for all because of his voice. He is creepy looking, and his voice is a bit sedated and strange, but I love it nonetheless. How such a strange man can become such a cult phenomenon that even people my age listen to baffles me. But go him, I guess. And yes, I am glad after watching it that the infamous LL (that's Lindsay Lohan to people who did not read 50 Us Weeklies in the Caribbean this week) has hit rehab, and hit it hard.

So I like movies. I think they are neat. Sometimes, Claire and I make movies.

However, sometimes Lara is too much of an idiot to know about editing them or about hard drives or about keeping software CDs in a place where you can find them and so can get footage off the actual camera. Anywho, due to some badly understood delays, the videos from the much-celebrated wedding Claire and I attended have been a bit long in coming. BUT the wait is over...lucky you.

Two videos to get the ball rolling...they are the intro to further botched editing work as Lara struggles with the format.

The first. In Which We Meet The Bride! Some awkward moments, some lovely moments, some actual footage of the wedding. Which you won't see anymore of. So this is the nod to the real reason we were there besides enjoying our friends. The Theme of this video: Christina's shift from one last name to the next.

The second. In Which A Sense of Place is Given. Here we hear repeatedly about Seattle, Washington. Which is where we were. We also: see how nicely conditioned Lawyer Lana's hair is, watch my friends do product placements, hear people correct Claire's wording, learn that this wedding doubled as a reunion, and then watch us go to New Year's Eve to provide a sense of chronology.

Still to Come! Reminders of our friends slightly absurd resolutions, partying like rockstars, and some really dodgy camerawork!!! Wooo!!!!

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